For brands, events, amusement parks, shopping centers and much more!

We generate leads for you with digitalizing customer encounters with augmented reality. This is possible with AR Video Booth and it's unique third person view camera called sideward camera.

Shareable augmented reality experiences to increase your sales

AR Video Booth is like a photo booth, but it produces short videos with immersive story and augmented reality content tailored with customer company brand. These minimovies are automatically shared to YouTube with CTA with our self-service AR Video Booths.

When your company attends fairs or events, is present at shopping centres, airports, amusement parks or tourist attractions, we generate leads for you! You get organic visibility on social media with AR Video Booth minimovies, while our service acquires email addresses, marketing consent, and customer profiling. All this is made possible by AR Video Booth, which makes product placement video greetings of visitors.

An offer, code or call to action can be attached to the video and its accompanying note. You will have statistics from video watches and shares as well as of used discount codes.

1) Attract

Online eye catcher engage customers and visitors

2) Experience

Sideward camera gives unique experience of augmented reality character encounters.

3) Digitize

This is a digital giveaway. Digitalization of customer experience.

4) Monetize

Hundreds of branded and shared videos include call to action which makes more sales for you.

The automatic video marketing tool as a service

Branded AR Video Booth's size is 2 x 2 x 2 metres and it is covered with your brand story.

Augmented reality characters are presented from displays and smartglasses, which takes the story to a new level. A video greeting is a desirable and personalized way to share your brand’s message forward. On the other words, we add augmented reality to your story with live participants. Augmented reality can be for example an animated character, a celebrity, part of a game or luxurious scenery.

Participants' contact information are collected by tablets. Booth includes sideward camera, displays and led lights.

Filming of the participants takes more or less half a minute. Editing and delivering of the videos to participants with your branded message is automatic and online.

Application examples

AR Video Booth is for companies, organizations and artists that want to have organic visibility in YouTube and in other social media channels.

AR Video Booth brings new profiled leads and increases brand awareness via shareable AR, MR and VR experienced video greetings with embedded marketing from an event or an attraction to social media.


People at airports have often some time to spend between flights. Business travellers can send video greetings to their loved ones and passangers going to holiday can send their own branded minimovie to friends and family.


AR Video Booth prolongs the experience of amusement park and inspires others to come and have fun there too. Shareable minimovies can be free to participants or chargeable.


AR Video Booth will be an extra show act that will give fans and participants a live memory from the event – with their favourite artist or star. Sharing their moment in stars will give organic social media presence to the event.


Taking a cruise, it is an experience in itself. Via shareable AR, VR or MR branded minimovie passengers can send their greetings to people back home. At ports AR Video Booth is a gateway to new places; AR Video Booth will take the passengers to a totally new world.

Fairs and events

AR Video Booth is an eye catcher in events and fairs. It engages customers and visitors and it sends shareable AR, MR and VR experienced video greetings with embedded marketing from an event to social media.

Museums and galleries

Promoting exhibitions has never been this easy. Simply done with branded minimovies that visitors send from exhibition via their own social media channels.


People spending time at shopping centre are prolific target group for advertising. Branded AR Video Booth is both an eye catcher and impressive ad but also an effective machine to produce branded minimovies that people will share in their own social media channels.

Theater and cinemas

AR Video Booth promotes movies by taking viewers into a movie and giving them a shareable memory – their own minimovie spiced up with movie elements that they can share in their own social media channels.


AR Video Booth is an effective tool for wedding organizers and photographers to cherish the unforgettable day for the happy couple by giving the wedding quest a way to send their wishes via personalized video greeting.

Maximize your sales in fairs and events

AR Video Booth is an eyes catcher in events and fairs. We make your stand crowded and give them an unforgettable video greeting, which they share their own social media channels. Combine a discount code to video greetings and you can follow efficient of our market tools by yourself.

Digitalize customer encounter with our spectacular marketing service!


Automated social media brand amplifier

AR Video Booth is an indefatigable servant with tailored content to increase your sales.

Send shareable AR, MR and VR experienced minimovies with embedded marketing to social media and prolong and enlarge effects of your campaign in social media.


Cash Flow

Purchase and activity prompts in the videos will bring you more sales.

Quick and Easy

Automatic and online video recording, editing and sharing.

Multiple Levels

Our Augmented Reality videos embody versatile content.

Profiled Customers

We profile your target market for after sales.

Connecting link

We build connection between your customer and brand.

Extended Event

We share the happy feelings from your event to social media.


Our service is a comprehensive solution from order to implementation.

Unlimited Opportunities

Our service works proficiently in different countries regardless of your campaign.

Expanded Message

We multiple your story up to thousands of videos that will spread impressively in social media.

Pay for Results

In addition to basic fee you shall pay only for actualised deals.

We make unforgettable experience for your customer
with our unique AR Video Booth:

  • AR booth merges reality and virtual world
  • We make customised videos with your company story for events and fairs.
  • We can profile participants via tailor-made questionnaire
  • Video links are delivered via a personalised email
  • Online AR Video Booth allows participants to share their own videos in social media via YouTube instantly
  • Videos and hashtags enable viral social media effect contributing to your campaign

"It's has been lovely and fantastic. Our visitors have been very happy about it. They have been sharing their videos a lot already now. This is something new where they can be part of too."

Tanja Saarnio CEO Touring Cars

Motor home car sales increase from 4 to 11 with you guys!

Lasse CEO



AR Video Booth

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AR Video Booth boosts your sale by making sharable video greetings