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Contact person for matters relating to the Register
Kati Halonen, +358 40 580 5484,

Register name
AR Video Booth -video shooting participants

Use of personal data
Personal Data is processed to enforce the Agreement between the Registrar and the Registered based on the consent of the Registered, to provide a link to the video from AR Video Booth and to select a suitable augmented reality video. To deliver the video, a name and an email address are needed.

The names, e-mails and transaction information, location information as well as information gathered from the Registered via video shooting, that can be processed by the Registrar, can also be used for profiling and targeting marketing activities to make customer communications interesting. Personal information is also processed when sending newsletters, event invitations, and taking part to other marketing activities.

The Registered shall issue a direct marketing permit to the Registrar and to the partner/sponsor enabling making of videos. Direct Marketing Permission can be revoked at any time by notifying a direct marketing company, ergo our partner's/sponsor’s customer service.

If the Registered does not provide the requested information insofar as the information relates to the event, the Registrar cannot deliver the Registered video or sign up for the transaction between the Registrar and the Registered participant.

Retention of personal data
Personal data will be kept at minimum as long as necessary to deliver the video. Data will be deleted within one year of video shooting.

Anonymized data and statistics can be kept longer and used for different purposes as they are not able to distinguish a single person.

Registry personnel, information content and personal information groups
The groups of persons whose data can be processed are participants of the events organized by the Registrar or people that have given marketing consent.

The Register may include, inter alia, name and surname of the Registered participating event, as well as any contact information and/or other necessary information provided in connection with the event.

Personal data provided by the Registered personally may include, for example, the following information: email, phone number, address and answers to profiling questions.

Information sources of the register
Data that the Registered has personally given.

Provision of information
The Register information can be shared within the organization and between the stakeholders of the event. In addition, the register information can be transferred to a defined personal data processing technician. Personal data will not be transferred outside the EU.

Protection of the registry and retention of personal data
The information is kept technically protected. Physical access to data is blocked by access control as well as other security measures. Access to information requires adequate rights as well as authentication. Unauthorized access is also prevented by, for example, firewalls and technical protection. Only authorized persons at Registrar and specially appointed technical persons can access the Register information. Only designated persons have the right to process and maintain the Register information. Users are bound by the confidentiality obligation. The registration information is backed up safely and can be returned if needed. The level of security is audited at recurring intervals either by external or internal auditing.

Rights of the registered person
The Registered have the right:
• obtain information on the processing of personal data; have access to personal information and verify the personal data; require correction and supplementation of inaccurate and incorrect personal data; require the removal of personal data; and transfer this information to another registrar;
• check and, if necessary, repair what information is in the Register. The request must be made in writing to the Register administrator. A person in the register has the right to make changes to the information that has been incorrectly entered in the register;
• withdraw a consent and object to the processing of personal data insofar as the processing of personal data is based on Registered consent;
• to file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority




AR Video Booth

Tallberginkatu 1 C 135,
00180 Helsinki, Finland
+358 400 600 644